Client: COS
Sq Ft: 7,000
Location: SoHo, New York
Year: 2014 

Soho Retail

 Office AO restored and redesigned an 1810 brick house in Soho, converting it from a residence and restaurant into a retail showcase for a new European brand. The design challenge was to create a dynamic retail environment within a landmarked residential scale building.

The project required coordinating significant structural work with historic restoration and the design a new retail façade. It also needed to blend four stories of circulation and life safety with a complex program.

Highly Anticipated

The highly anticipated store for COS (Collection of Style), has been written up in the New York Times and Timeout New York among other publications.

Historic Restoration

OAO successfully navigated a lengthy historical review process that saw a complete restoration of the façade above the storefront and the design of a new glass and steel retail storefront. Due to years of neglect and the loading requirements of the new retail designation the structure was completely reworked, requiring a new excavation and slab, new floor assemblies and a new roof.

Complex Retail Program

The site required intensive programatic design work, making a narrow four story residential building function as a seamless retail environment. The project optimizing compatibility with the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) requiring carefully designed circulation including a new 5 story elevator. Movement of stock was also carefully considered and designed.

The COS store, designed by OAO at 129 Spring Street, demonstrates the careful coordination of historic restoration and modern design considerations. It also may be haunted.